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Designed to train specialists in the fields of medical retina, tumors, uveitis, and Neuro-ophthalmology at outpatient clinics.


Available tests: retinography, angiography, OCT, OCT-A, autofluoride, electroretinogram, Ultrasound Biomicroscopy, RetiCam III (with angiography)


Photocoagulation (Panretinal Photocoagulation, peripheral, and macular laser) and ultrasound training

Training in ROP screening and treatment (at an accredited maternity hospital and FAV headquarters)


Surgeries using Ngenuity

Camada 2.png

Training with Constellation and Megatron

Camada 1.png

Non-contact Topcon microscope

Camada 3.png


training using Eyesi Simulator

Clinical Case Studies: Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD), tractional retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, epiretinal membrane, macular hole, scleral buckle, IOL Fixation, Ocular trauma

Theoretical content offered throughout the year (visiting professors and the retina team from FAV and HOPE)

Attendance in all Clinical Case Studies and events promoted by FAV and HOPE is mandatory


Dr. Emerson Morishita.png

Dr. Emerson Morishita

Coordenador do Depto. de Cirurgia Refrativa

Dra. Camila Moraes.png

Dra. Camila Moraes

Vice-Coordenadora do Depto. de Cirurgia Refrativa

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